Two days of performances from students from the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL.

Two days of performances from students from the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL.

Phase 1. Concurrent

Upper foyer. Babette Semmer. Personal Devices.
Ground foyer. Connie Butler. Fancy Seeing You Here.
Ground foyer. Lily Hawkes. Now that We've Grown Up.
Throughout. TRIPOD. Leah Lovett, Katy Beinart (The Bartlett) Helen Rawling (Queen Mary’s University) Operation Goose Down.
Meeting room. Isabelle Southwood.
Police Don't Think He Was Killed by Another Person.
Lift. Kristan Saloky. American Booty (Everywhere I Go I Dance for Freedom)
Ground foyer. Beatrice Bonafini. Play Within a Play.
Performered by Giordano Ferla.
Upper foyer & Artist’s studio. Sholto Dolbie.
A List of the Geological Formations Underlying Camden Art Centre.
Performed with Matt Peers & Connie Butler (Weds) and Edward Fox & Alice Darko (Sun)
Artist’s studio. Erchen Chang.
In the garden. Romance in the Garden. Artist’s studio. The Summer Before Last
Performed by: Lauren Godfrey, Claire Boyd, Sasha Litvintseva, Sophie Lee, Jennifer Martin, Charles Gouldsbrough and Felix Bahret.
Artist’s studio. Dante Rendle Traynor.
Artist’s studio. Ellen Kim. Eleven Kinds of Blank: My Candle Burns Inwards.

Phase 2. Consecutive Artist’s Studio

Bongsu Park. Glance Choreographer: Kyoungshin Kim
Performers: Kyoungshin Kim, JooHee Lee, Jin Myung Lee, Juntae Hwang, Nicholai Jensen, Yoojin lee.
Laura Cooper & Ian Giles. On Balance Off Balance.
Performed by: Molly Carroll, Laura Cooper, Ian Giles, Jennifer Haynes, Kristen Saloky & Eleanor Young
Performed by Marika Rauscher and Molly Carroll
Tom Rees and Charlotte Murdoch. And Just then a Tale.
Tulapop Saenjaroen & Jenna Bliss. Whole New Worlds

Overseen by Gary Stevens