Skin #3_Orange Sky

Skin #3_Orange Sky

, Yein Son

My PhD research analyses material and process exploration within my own art practice and the corresponding historical painting context.

My PhD research analyses material and process exploration within my art practice and corresponding historical painting context. This research involves the physical analogies of skin and its relevant metaphors and meanings

I examine the constructed skin and surface within what can loosely be described as a painting practice. This includes my exploration into a range of ink staining techniques to address forms of materiality and immateriality. The manipulation of painterly materials and the processes employed address the legacy of Dansaekhwa, which formulated a new perspective on Korean aesthetics. The colour concerns of the Dansaekhwa artists and their emphasis on the emotional impact of the monochrome have impacted my own painting palette. In considering colour sensation and texture, I have explored the possibilities of muted colour and expression. In recent works, nuanced and ambiguous figurative imagery exists both ‘within’ the surface and veiled below the picture plane. These sensitive multi-layered surfaces evoke both absence and presence. I have experimented and developed my voice through my interest in  ‘skin ego’ and research into image and vision in Christian Iconography that brings up associations of skin.




Anatomy/Human figure/Dream analysis/Biblical metaphor/ The concept of palimpsest



Primary supervisor: Andrew Stahl
Secondary supervisors: Estelle Thompson, Sharon Morris